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Rewilding seeks to restore and protect natural ecosystems by reintroducing native species, promoting natural processes, and reducing human intervention. Many of the world’s ecosystems have been damaged or altered by human activity, and that by restoring them to their natural state can benefit both wildlife and humans.

Rewilding can take many forms, from restoring degraded habitats to reintroducing extinct or endangered species. The aim is to create self-sustaining ecosystems that are better able to support biodiversity and provide space for wildlife and flora to flourish and communities to thrive.


Highlands Rewilding Limited take a broad approach, focusing on reforestation, peatland, seagrass, rewilding, agroforestry and ecotourism. Done well, rewilding cuts across all the ecosystem themes at landscape scale.

By supporting a Limited Company – with potential for return on investment – any profits would be recycled into other rewilding projects.

Beldorney River Deveron, Photo by Highlands Rewilding

While our investment goes to all projects of Highlands Rewilding Ltd, our support will help with the acquisition of their latest project, the Tayvallich Estate.

NatureScot considers Tayvallich Estate to be one of best areas in Scotland for restoring and extending the Atlantic temperate rainforest. The estate has only tiny scattered remnants and space for hundreds of hectares more, even allowing for regenerative agriculture in the mix. Read more about the project here

Planting a Forest of Hope at Beldorney, Photo by Highlands Rewilding

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