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About Us

Rebel Restoration is an independent charity set up to remove carbon from the atmosphere, enhance natural ecosystems and empower local communities, mainly in the UK.

Rebel Restoration is, however, much more than your average offsetting scheme. We’re an authentic not-for-profit, working directly with project developers and scientists on the ground, driven by ambitious aims and a truly holistic approach – one which understands the richness and complexity of the natural world and the solutions we need to restore it.

People and the planet at the heart of our mission

We support high quality, high impact projects that not only serve to remove carbon from the atmosphere but also restore natural ecosystems and empower local communities (often the founders and champions of the projects we’re inspired to support).

We believe that the true cost of carbon and biodiversity is higher than what most individuals and companies are paying today. And we’re not the only ones – the UK government and Nobel prize winning environmental economists agree. Which is why we’re channeling the equivalent costs of offsetting, and more where we can, into our high quality, high impact projects, based mostly here in the UK. Rather than pay for a carbon neutral stamp of approval where, in some cases, less than half of our funds actually go toward project work, we want to directly support the projects making a difference on the ground.
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Minimising third parties

By minimising third parties, intermediaries and external auditing costs we can ensure the maximum amount of money goes directly to the projects we want to see thrive.

Who would you trust to care for the planet’s climate and ecosystems? For-profit corporations buying low-cost offsets from intermediaries and brokers such as investment banks, traders, and oil and gas producers, solely interested in taking a cut, or an independent charity giving funds directly to projects led by communities and scientists that share our values and ambition to see nature thrive.


Richard Woodfine

Richard undertook a PhD at Oxford University researching the demise of coral reef ecosystems in the Jurassic and Cretaceous as a result of climate change. He went on to work at BP for 20 years as a geologist, moving into management roles in corporate office, strategy and origination in Gas and Low Carbon Energy. Upon leaving BP in 2020, Richard became CEO and Trustee of Rebel Restoration, founding the charity alongside Claire and Dan. Richard owns an organic farm, vineyard and natural winery utilising a low impact natural wine business to restore degraded farmland and educate the benefits of regenerative and organic farming.

Claire Jenkin

Claire worked for Mars Inc. for nearly 20 years, with most of her career focussed on the procurement of raw materials and change management. After leaving the family run multi-national Claire wanted to make a difference using her strategy and execution skills. Having procured Cocoa for Mars, Claire saw first-hand how the climate and biodiversity crises are impacting people around the world, whilst also learning that global change only happens through actions starting locally, one farm at a time. Claire is the Chief Operating Officer and Trustee of Rebel Restoration and works flexibly so she can enjoy her family, friends and lake swimming.

Dan Bates

Dan is the CEO and founder of Rebel Energy, a business with a purpose at its heart. Rebel Energy is driven by Acting Differently, Transforming Lives and Changing Society – all underpinned by generating a return for its shareholders. Dan’s ultimate ambition is to show that big business can be ethical and good for society.

Previous to Rebel Energy, Dan worked at BP for nearly two decades in a variety of senior finance and commercial leadership roles within the international gas, power and renewable energy markets.

Outside of work, Dan is married with three children and is a keen runner, cyclist, reader and environmentalist. He is passionate about the need for businesses to work together collaboratively to address and solve the problems the world is facing with the climate crisis, poverty and inequality. He also believes that businesses should be judged not only on their financial returns, but also on the impact they have on society.

Jane Williamson

Jane is currently a student at the University of Bristol studying Geography with a Foreign Language and has a deep interest in sustainability in the context of the ecological and climate crises. She sits on Organising Panel for UK Youth For Nature, co-leading a campaign with national conservation organisations and nationwide press coverage to raise awareness of nature loss.

In her gap year, Jane cycled coast-to-coast across Scotland visiting a web of rewilding and ecosystem restoration projects funded by a grant from the John Muir Trust. She has served on the Farm ED Youth Advisory Panel, volunteered with numerous organic food producers and agroecology organisations and successfully fundraised significant amounts for various conservation charities.

When not doing all of that, Jane enjoys all outdoor pursuits, languages and public speaking.

Ciaran Nelson

For 25 years Ciaran has developed and defended reputations across organisations of all sizes in commercial and third-sector environments, including five years on the Board of Anglian Water Group (one of the largest custodians of land, nature and water in England) following a period shaping communications for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

He is a specialist in devising creative strategies that bridge the gap between society, policy and corporate objectives, building on experience forged at the interface between regulation, politics, commerciality and public opinion. As an avid environmentalist and explorer of the planet’s quieter corners, Ciaran is committed to helping organisations deliver more purposeful outcomes for their customers, communities and the wider environment.

Supported by Rebel Energy

Rebel are an energy company with a social mission as well as an environmental one. We are looking to tackle fuel poverty through fair pricing, raising awareness of social issues and by offering customer support in difficult situations rather than just focusing on getting our bills paid.

We have set up a charity, Rebel Restoration, that we fund through profits from our energy business. This allows us to make real positive change by investing in decarbonisation projects which include seagrass, peatland, and mangrove restoration.


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