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Rebel Restoration also keeps a pot of funds available to projects that reach out to us and that have exceptional community impact and outreach using nature as their medium. For instance, we have funded a nature-based sensory garden for a school with disadvantaged children in Scotland.

Should you have a project that you believe deserves funding, please get in touch.


The Friends of Ashton provides volunteers and raises funds for Ashton Secondary School, an additional needs school situated in Craigend, Glasgow. The School offers a specialised learning experience for 123 students, all of whom require a high level of support and intervention daily.

In 2021, the School embarked on creating a wheelchair accessible horticultural and sensory garden. This has given pupils an opportunity to explore and develop their senses and therefore their understanding of the world around them. The aim is to develop this project further, creating a wildlife pond which borders the local wildlife area.

We are particularly keen to attract both hedgehogs and variety of birds. The bug garden, bird feed boxes and trays and pond will facilitate this. Pupils will be able to observe the effect of seasonal and climate change, thereby recognising how weather affects plants and animals. This wheelchair accessible project will enrich the curriculum as well as support the learning of pupils with lesser challenges, enhancing their communication skills


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